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Get on board and help campaign for a safe, sustainable and affordable BC-wide public transit system. Transit is a right – not just for those of us who live in large urban areas – but for all.

Only a publicly-owned and operated system can guarantee that safe and accessible inter-city buses will link to rural and remote BC communities. Lots of those smaller communities have no access to public transit or even to a taxi service. Instead, transit is a mash-up of good service, poor service or no service at all, depending on where you live and the bus company’s finances. Reliance on private carriers has left us stranded when those companies shut down or move on (like Greyhound did in 2018). For private companies, buses are a business, but for citizens they are a service that should connect us all. BC Transit is a publicly-owned Crown corporation that already serves 130 communities across BC – we just want the province to expand those services to all BC communities.

We need a safe, reliable public bus system to access medical appointments, jobs, schools, family visits and more. The network should be integrated with other modes of sustainable transit like BC Ferries and intra-provincial rail. The climate crisis demands that we change the way we travel. A forward-looking public transit network means fewer cars and the use of sustainable technology to help us reduce our carbon footprint and meet our climate targets. Once a strong provincial network is in place, we can work with other provinces to promote a national transit network.

Let’s Ride! Make Public Transit BC Wide is an ad-hoc group of volunteers from across BC. Our supporters include seniors, students, people in remote rural areas, indigenous communities, climate change activists, health care workers and more. Help us push for a public transit system for the future NOW. Get in touch and get involved!

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