About Us

Which BC citizens don’t deserve public transit?

Our goal is a province-wide publicly-owned and operated transit system with services to communities of all sizes across BC. A service that is safe, reliable, and sustainable – that uses the latest sustainable technology building for the future.  

We are an adhoc group of citizens independent from political parties and governments. We are focusing on building a diverse membership of people from communities all across the province to lobby for these changes. We want to push the provincial government to make it happen.

Transportation is a right, and not just for those of us who live in large urban areas, but for all British Columbians. BC Transit has been focused on urban transit but should expand to include efficient and sustainable buses of all sizes and types to serve inter-city, inter-community and remote community needs. Only a public system can guarantee service to remote Indigenous communities.

We are focusing on building a provincial transit system which could eventually join with similar networks in other provinces to build a nationwide network.  By focusing on a provincial service we are doing our part to eventually have such a national network.

British Columbians, dealing with the continued pandemic and facing inflation, the doctor crisis and the employment crisis have a right to reliable public bus service for medical appointments, jobs, school, family  visits etc. The expansion of BC Transit should be integrated with other forms of sustainable transit such as the BC Ferries system and rail to create a seamless travel network.

Transit in BC must be publicly owned and operated to ensure accountability, fairness and security – especially in light of experiences with private operators in the past which have abandoned BC (like Greyhound)  and others  that have demanded  government handouts to keep running to smaller communities (like the Wilson’s Group).  The current patchwork of private operators is inadequate and inefficient.

You can contact us by email at publictransitbcwide@gmail.com or find us at BCWideBus.com